Food: Reflection

I think that the soundscape that was created for the first artefact is technically proficient. In comparison to something I would have made in my first year on this course, I’m really happy with the finished product as it is very clean and tidy. It also gets across the idea that I was looking at the link between food and our ability to hear; my ambition to make people acknowledge this link was achieved.

I think as producer I could have improved on making sure everyone was on task. Although everyone did brilliantly during the production and post, I felt that during the pre production stage, the research wasn’t separated between us evenly. In the future, I’d like to pick up things like this sooner in order to reduce the chance of people slacking.

The research and development work I have put into this artefact has made me realise the importance of contextual research. In hindsight, I think I should have done a lot more contextual research rather than going into depth about the correlation between our sense of hearing and food. For example, the two experiments that we carried out wasn’t completely necessary as it didn’t add to our development and there were already experiments out in the world that we could have referred to.

I also think that maybe we could have pushed ourselves a little further to make something more creative. While this piece was good, and what we explored was an interesting topic, I believe that the overall artefact was quite bland as a result. I think this is because we were under pressure and we wanted to create something achievable in the little time we had.


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