Imagination: Primary Research

Because we had already created our idea before we started our primary research, we didn’t think too much was needed. We didn’t feel the need to create a survey to ask people what they thought “imagination” means because it wouldn’t have added to our overall piece. The artefact itself was part of our primary research.

Before getting started on the artefact, we wanted to do a test shoot, for some of our primary research. We got a group of friends and told them that we were looking into how a person’s age and personality affects their imagination. However, because everyone in the group were of very similar ages, we decided to focus on their personalities for the test. The story turned out great and this test helped in a number of ways. For example, we liked that we filmed the participants in a medium close up, so we knew that we wanted to do it again in the real shoot. We also got an idea of how many people we would need and decided that I would have to try and find at least 15 participants to take part. What’s more we were in two minds about how much of the story we would be telling each person. We were deciding between them hear the whole story, or just the previous two lines. We really liked how the video below turned out so we stuck with the participants hearing just the previous couple of sentences, but as the story became longer we gave them the option to hear a little more if they needed to. In this test footage, we used a tripod. But because I was the camera operator and I was going to be filming participants as soon as I got the opportunity, I decided that I would be filming with the camera being handheld. I thought it would give the artefact a more of a documentary feel, and because I would be working with children, I didn’t think I would have time to set up a tripod.

We asked two people to talk about the story that had been created and comment on each of the two sentences. We asked them to discuss what they think of the person’s personality and we wanted to see if they could guess who it was that wrote/said it. Surprisingly Michael and Zohair guessed a decent number of people who took part and which sentences they created. It shows just how much our personalities affect our imagination and creative work.

Because I’m going to be working with children in the final artefact, as producer I’ll need to create release forms for the parents to sign. Below is a pdf file showing that I got permission from all of the participants in the video.



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