Imagination: Reflection

Just like with artefact 2, I made two versions of Story Time based on the feedback given. Very few changes were made; cross dissolves were added to the start and end of the video to give it a clean finish and it was given a tighter cut so the story would flow with more ease. Matt and I discussed adding a title and/or description at the beginning, but we didn’t think it was completely necessary. Overall, Story Time received some great responses and I loved that people got involved and discussed the premise behind the artefact, when it was shown in the seminar. Someone even said that it should be developed in an FMP.

When I showed the artefact to Ross, he suggested some ways in which it could be improved. For example, excluding one person, I already knew everyone in this piece. So if I were to do a project like this again, I could go onto the streets and see if I could get the general public to take part. I could have also put the participants more on the spot to come up with a couple of sentences, as this could have changed what they said.

Overall I’m incredibly happy with this piece and I really enjoyed this module. I’m glad I worked in teams for two of the three projects because in the real world, we constantly have to work with other people.



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