CW2: Initial Inspiration

My inspiration for my FMP came from a piece of work I did in my first year on this course. I retold the story of George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl, using only Web 2.0 and I remember finding this task incredibly enjoyable to do. I found it to be quite an innovative idea, not only the aspect of retelling an old story but using Web 2.0 materials to do so. It created restrictions in many ways, and I had to think of imaginative ways to put across thoughts of the characters as well as other important information.

(Mian 2014)

One of my biggest influences for my FMP idea was Noah, an award-winning short film. It inspired my greatly in terms of how I wanted my stylistics. It too only used Web 2.0 materials and I loved the way the focus of the screen changed to reflect where Noah was looking. For instance there is a part where the focus is constantly changing to suggest that the main character’s eyes are darting around the screen as his mind is all over the place. I liked that it was a very personal story about one boy as it made me question whether this is something that actually happened. I also thought the use of music was a great addition, as it complemented what was taking place on-screen. There is a moment when Noah is refreshing his girlfriend’s Facebook profile to check if she’s change her profile picture. At the point he refreshes it the final time, the beat to the song drops as Noah notices she has in fact changed it.

(Cederberg, 2016)

However something I realised is that although it’s a great film, it has a somewhat negative storyline. It focuses around a young man who loses his girlfriend as he logs onto her Facebook account and makes the assumption she’s cheating on him. He ends up being wrong, and ultimately the film ends up showing how social media can make someone narcissistic, or at least bring it out if it already exists. This is something I feel like I see regularly in media texts about social media; negativity. So much so, I might even make another blog about it. I want my FMP to tell a positive story as it’s easy to pick out the negative aspects of something. Of course the rise of social media has its bad sides, but I think it’s helped with the world becoming interconnected. It’s just as easy for me to speak to my neighbour as it is someone from Australia. There’s many stories of how social media has helped people and I want to highlight this.

It took me a while to figure out the story I wanted to tell. I knew that I would be challenging to notion that social media is bad, but how? Initially I wanted to tell the story of a big movement being created, like Black Lives Matter, which makes a huge global change. But I thought this was too much, it would be hard to portray thousands of people coming together as one. I wanted to tell a personal story about only a few people, like in Noah. I got my idea for my FMP on the way back home from university, I was on the tram in Birmingham when I realised the battery on my mobile phone was on 1%. I thought to myself, if my battery dies and something bad happens to me, there is literally no way to get in contact with anyone to inform them where I am or what’s happened. This is when I came up with the idea that my FMP would be a fictional film about a woman who has gone missing and we see the past 24 hours from her social media, as well as the social media of the last few people she talked to before she went missing.


Cederberg, P. (2016) NOAH. Available at: (Accessed: 27 December 2016).

Mian, S. (2014) DIGITALLY REMADE: George’s Marvellous medicine. Available at: (Accessed: 27 December 2016).


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