CW2: Influences

I found more influences which helped me develop my idea for my FMP. Internet Story is an intriguing mystery story about someone who is leaving clues to £9000 for anyone to find, and someone else who follows these clues. It’s very easy to buy into the story and the ending leaves you wanting more information. I want my film to be somewhat mysterious, leaving the audience with more questions than answers. What I find somewhat worrying yet exciting is that Internet Story was only made about 6 years ago, yet the software he’s using looks ancient! It makes me question whether my FMP will stand the test of time.

(Butcher, 2011)

The storyline and characters of my takes inspiration from Inside (2011) which is about a woman who finds herself trapped in a room, and she is provided with a laptop to connect with the outside world. This is only of the only films I’ve found that positively depicts the Internet, showing how the world can come together as one to help someone in need, so it’s no surprise that I was inspired by it.

In my film the woman will be trapped too, but I don’t want her to have a laptop; I don’t think that would make much sense. However I do think she could have her mobile phone on her. But this will mean that she can’t be the focus of the film, because the audience would only see a mobile phone on screen, which would be very boring. To add a twist, my film will be from the viewpoint of someone person helping the woman after they’ve seen her cry for help on a post online.

I am going to call my film, Lost Online because there are so many questions behind it. Have you lost something online? Are you literally “lost online” and you can’t find your way out? If so, how is that even possible?

(Toni L. 2014)

The video below influenced me immensely, on what content to include in the short film. The spoken word poetry by Tyler Joseph (DeCardy 2012), who is a member of the band Twenty Øne Piløts, brought to light how it is down to each individual on how they choose to act online. They have to make choices every time they log onto a social media site, on whether they will have a positive influence or a negative one. This gave me the idea to make my film interactive because it would replicate the real world, where people have to make choices in their everyday life. I decided Lost Online would give the audience a choice on whether they were going to help Aliya and how they would do so.

(DeCardy, 2012)

To sum up, this is how my story has developed:

  • My film will now be interactive
  • It will be from the point of view of someone the missing woman knows, rather than the woman herself
  • The film will be called Lost Online


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