CW2: Brand Requests & Logo Design

Brand Requests

I knew that if I wanted Lost Online to be able to enter film festivals, I would have to do everything in a legitimate way (not that I don’t already), and get permission from all the software, websites and apps I’ll be using in the film. However I didn’t know how I would go about doing so and who I needed to get in contact with. After I couldn’t find anything online, I tried to get in contact with the companies themselves however I didn’t know their email addresses for matters concerning this. I tweeted and direct messaged Snapchat Support, and messaged Facebook’s Facebook page asking how I would get permission to use their brand in my film. Sadly, I didn’t get any responses. The proof of this can be seen below.

I finally discovered that if I typed in “brand request” after the name of the product I wanted to use, I would find the page that explains how to request permission. I have listed the links of where to get permission for each online entity that I intend to use.

Some of these products want a lot of information before they can grant permission. For example Facebook want the final version of the film and a detailed synopsis. Whereas Snapchat want the part of the script that discusses the brand, a description of the film and how the brand will be used and a mock-up of the scenes. Because of this, I will be requesting permission once the film is complete, as there are many changes that can still be made to it. Once I’ve submitted my request, I don’t think I will have a problem being accepted, due to the fact that I am shining a positive light on the brands.

Logo Design

I created a logo for Lost Online to add to my Facebook and Twitter pages. I thought it would be a good idea to use an eye, with the reflection of Facebook being used. The app is being used on the phone to indicate that it is Aliya’s eye, not Jeremy’s. The use of the eye is to show that the audience won’t be seeing much of the actual characters in the film. The dark blue and white in the title is to represent Facebook, as is the font. I’m not very happy with what I’ve created and I think it looks very amateurish. I think one of the reasons it doesn’t look as good as it could be is because I myself was confused whether I was creating a logo or poster. My image sort of sits between the middle of the two. As well as this, the title looks like it’s just been plastered on top of the eyeball.

My Logo

I asked a classmate and friend, Shahid Mahmood, to help with the designing of the logo and he was happy to do so (so he said). I showed him the design I had already created and left him to come up with some ideas. After a couple of days he showed me three different logos, which were great. I particularly liked the eye with the writing in it. Because these are just drafts too, I won’t be adding them to the Facebook & Twitter pages. Although, the fact that Shahid created three designs gave me an idea. Once the pages build up a small following, I’ll post either the current designs or newer ones and ask everyone to vote for their favourite logo. I think this will create a dialogue with the audience, and fits very well with Lost Online because they will both require interactivity.


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