CW2: Evaluation

360MC CW2 was an interesting second part to the module. I think it’s the first time we truly had to independently study on this course, other than the two lectures we had before and after the Christmas break. In a way I think this was good because it gave us complete freedom to come up with an idea for our FMP, but not so good when we had a burning question on New Year’s day. Before I started university, I don’t think I ever would have chosen to create an interactive film for my final project. This is even after taking into consideration the fact that the first ever task I created for university was an interactive game. I think the university’s emphasis on trying new things like Korsakow & Popcorn Maker really had an effect on me.

Feel free not to watch the video below. It’s three years old and incredibly embarrassing!

(Mian 2013)

It’s funny that although I got my initial idea for my FMP – to create a film using only Web 2.0 to show the positives of it – during my year abroad and even with all the research I did over the summer, it wasn’t until the middle of the first term of university that my idea started to develop. Hmm, maybe stress is good for me!

Anyway, onto the evaluation.

My Proposal

I think there are many positives to my proposal. For instance, I think I engaged the viewer since I asked a question at the start to make them think about my subject. What’s more, I included my mood reel and artefacts to show that I know what look and feel I’m going for, and that I tested some scenes to make sure they will work and I know how I can improve. If I had more time, I think I could have talked in more depth about my artefacts. But I guess this can be found on my blog and production folder.

My Blog & Production Folder

I embraced the development elements of CW2, however I personally think I lacked in research. Once I had enough influences towards my film, and I got statistics to show that the websites I am going to use is justified, I didn’t know what else I needed to research. I’ve always struggled with contextual research and honestly, no matter how many times I look it up or ask someone about it I never feel I’ve fully grasped it. Having said that, I tried my best in my two blog posts regarding the contextual side and had I had more time, I would have looked into digital media too.

I am proud of the production folder that I’ve made. I think it looks very clean and professional. Given that it is outward facing, I made sure not to express any doubts I have about the project, as I would usually do on my blog, to show that I am confident about what I’m making. I included facts, with reliable references to indicate that I know what I’m talking about. The producer in me is still going strong, given that I’ve already found my main actors and have the contracts with them sorted out. It’s also the page I finished editing first because I knew exactly what I was doing.

I think my Impact page could be improved hugely as it was underdeveloped and I understand exactly why I’m neglecting this area. I’ve never enjoyed showing other people my work due to the vulnerability that comes with it. I’ve never created a Facebook or Twitter “fan” page for myself to get people to support me or showed my work to people other than friends or if I need to include it with my CV. This is quite ironic considering producers, which is what I want to be, usually deal with the distribution and marketing side of the production. But for 361MC, I definitely want to let go of my insecurities, just go for it and try to get my work into the real world.


Mian, S. (2013) Task 1 (Intro). Available at: (Accessed: 27 January 2017).


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