Tutorial Sheet & CV

Below you can find my tutorial sheet which I discussed with Mez on 6th December 2016.

364MC Tutorial Preparation Document (Sharifah Mian)

In the meeting, we discussed whether doing a post graduate degree is a plausible route for me. While it definitely is, I’m weary about doing it due to the fact that it would mean that I’m in education for another year, which equates to even more debt. However teaching may be something I want to do in the future, so a post graduate degree could help with that. In order to find out if teaching is definitely something I should be looking at seriously in the future, I thought it would be a good idea to do some work experience in a school. So I got in contact with my old media teacher from college and he sent me the application for a work placement (Figure 1).


(Figure 1)

I sent off the application form but unfortunately due to scheduling issues, I wasn’t able to start my two weeks at Joseph Chamberlain College.

I mentioned in my tutorial document that I wanted to work for NCS The Challenge during the summer. Before applying for the job, I got in contact with Maninder from Creative Futures. I sent her my CV, which can be found below, and she suggested a list of changes to make (Figure 2).

Sharifah Mian CV (Original)


(Figure 2) 

Below is my updated CV, with the changes made. I sent this off to the company, with a video application and have been offered an interview.

Sharifah Mian CV (Final)



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