Professional Portfolio & Feedback

When creating my portfolio, there were many ways I could have marketed myself. I whittled it down to three choices; portraying myself as 1. a filmmaker, 2. a producer, or 3. a producer & director. In my showreel I initially advertised myself as an all-round filmmaker because I had a range of roles in the clips I used. However I soon realised that coming across as a jack of all trades wouldn’t help me in the long run, as people would assume I’m only mediocre in different aspects of filmmaking. In the end I decided to only market myself as a producer, to show that I have a speciality and a focus in my career. This in turn would mean those hiring me would know exactly what to expect.

I got in contact with my Media Studies teacher from college and asked him to take a look at my showreel. Richard really liked my it, saying that it was different to what is normally expected in a showreel, allowing it to stand out. I loved that he said that, as it was exactly what I was going for.

Richard’s comment

I made the conscious decision to make choose a free website, as my name is very unique. So if one were to Google my full name, all the other websites I use will be at the top of the search, even if my portfolio doesn’t.

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 23.42.17.png
Googling Myself (Google, 2017)

As a result, I am going to include my portfolio on all the websites I use, including Facebook, Twitter and the ones that can be seen in the image above. My main source of inspiration when creating this website was (2017), a production company created by producer Savannah James-Bayly.

I sent my portfolio to a number of people, however I either received no response or in one case, I was told that to find someone else as the person didn’t have time.

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I also messaged Emmanuel, a recent Media and Communications graduate who is now doing a Master’s at Coventry University.  I found his feedback to be strange as he suggested I include things that I already had. That’s when I learned he was viewing my website on his mobile and he didn’t know there was a menu, as it was completely blacked out. I immediately made changes to the mobile view of the website to make it clear that there are other pages. I wasn’t expecting Emmanuel to look at my website on his phone, but I’m really glad he did as he brought the mistake to my attention.

The before and after shots of the mobile view can be seen below, as can Emmanuel’s feedback.



Fox Cub Films. (2017). Fox Cub Films. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Apr. 2017].

Google. (2017). sharifah mian – Google Search. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Apr. 2017].


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