364MC is by far one of the most beneficial modules I’ve done on this Media Production course; it’s a shame it’s not worth more credits. I’ve made contacts with many new people and I hope to keep them in my network circle for a long time. I’ve also developed skills in sound operating by helping others with their FMP work, which is also good to add to my CV. I think my confidence has increased and I now find it easier to speak to media professionals without feeling too intimidated. This will definitely help my professional development and future career. After speaking to the people that I have, I have a better understanding of different areas of the creative industry. Deborah Longmore has brought to light what it means to own a business, Erin and Ryan have been truthful about the realities of filmmaking and Dominic Macdonald has explained what is needed in a producer who works with children. All the information I have picked up will used in the future for certain. I’m looking forward to this summer as I will be going to the set of 4 O’Clock club learning more about what happens on the set of a TV show.


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